Misha Wallis & Co

Misha Wallis & Co. is a business providing professional services in Blackburn and surrounding areas and across the UK.

Professional, Yes. Stuffy, No.

Misha Wallis & Co. is a firm with a difference. Yes, you will find a highly experienced team dedicated to providing you with first-class advice and professional services. What you won’t find is stuffiness. Instead, our approach is friendly and personable, our advice honest and our way of working transparent.
Misha Wallis & Co. – we’re not just a business, we’re your business.

Personal Services

At Misha Wallis & Co., we believe a friendly approach and honest advice makes it easier and less daunting for personal clients requiring professional will services. Whether you want to make carry out trust planning or need help with wills and probate, we will work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best outcome.

We're not just a business
We're your business

Personal Service

There are times when everyone will need a expert, whether that is to make a will, set up a trust, or do any of the other things where we can help is essential. When those times come, Misha Wallis & Co. is here to provide expert services tailored to your individual needs.

Will & Probate

Everyone has their own wishes about how they want their estate to be disbursed and to ensure their loved ones are legally protected following their passing. It is important, therefore, that your will is drawn up by an expert and written specifically for you.

Trust and Estate Planning

With care home costs depleting people’s savings and rising house prices leading to more people paying inheritance tax, estate planning has become a modern necessity. At Misha Wallis & Co., our experts can help you plan for the future so that everyone is provided for.

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